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Zeek's Pizza Golden Tree

Golden Tree to celebrate the PNW roots

Gold Tree Mirror Mural

Chan Pig Head

Proscuitto at Lincoln Square Foodcourt in Bellevue

Pillars at Lincoln Square Food Court in Bellevue

James Beard Summer Mural at Salare

Summer mural of the PNW and South. Also, James Beard is shining twice. 

Mackerel at Kamonegi

Wing of Soba Kitchen tools at Kamonegi

Mt. Fuji at Arashi Ramen (Ballard)

Copine Drawings

PNW Icons at Scout PNW

Oyster at Scout PNW

Fish Head painting at Scout PNW

Cow Skull at Jack's BBQ

Octopus at Westward

Ram at Anar in Amazon HQ

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Golden Octopus at Cooks & Soldiers

Golden Octopus painting at Cooks & Soldiers

Sustainable Seafood at The Optimist

Two Sustainable Seafood panels at The Optimist

Pig on Fox Bros BBQ

Second Self Mural

Tree Mural at Butter & Cream

Tree Chalk Mural for Butter & Cream near the Beltline

Pasta at Double Zero

Squid at Double Zero

Horse Head at Leon's Full Service

Elephant Family

Italy Map of Ingredients

26 ft long Map of Italy and its regional ingredients

Pig Painting

Painting for The Cockentrice 

Wheelchair at Shepherd Center

Pig and Oyster at The Pig and the Pearl

Staplehouse and Buxton hall

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